Global Convertibles

Key Features

Convertible bonds are a specific type of bond that allow the holder to convert their debt into equity of the issuing company.

They allow long-term minded investors to benefit from the upside of the equity market in good times while keeping bond-like downside protection in harsher environments.

Our global convertibles strategy harvests those natural features of the convertible instrument into a liquid, investment grade UCITS format with no geographical or sector restrictions.


  • Unique alternative strategy designed in 2010, focusing on pure vanilla convertible bonds
  • Aiming to deliver 2/3 of the equity upside with 1/3 of the downside


  • Disciplined portfolio construction focusing on liquidity management and convexity optimization
  • Focusing on investment grade, long-term minded and low volatile issuers


  • UCITS' compliant with daily liquidity
  • Optimised for Solvency II constraints
Portfolio Manager
Damien Regnier
Portfolio Manager, Global Convertibles

Damien joined Tyrus Capital from Tyndaris where he headed the convertible business. Prior to Tyndaris, Damien was the portfolio manager for Global Convertible Bonds for several entities of the Deutsche Bank group in Frankfurt with USD 4.5 bn of assets. Previously, he was a founding member of Vega-Chi Ltd. covering European and Asian Convertibles operations and at JP Morgan as a member of the EMEA Convertible Trading & Arbitrage team. Damien is an Actuary with his research thesis on "Convertible bonds: models & strategies" from the University Claude-Bernard Lyon I in France in partnership with the Institute of Actuarial Sciences and Insurance (ISFA). He also holds a MSc in Finance & Investment from Queen Mary University.